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Eye Defining Device

Eye Defining Device

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15 reviews for Eye Defining Device

  1. Gary M.

    As a man, i’m not one to look for skin care products but my wife bought this device and i’ve been using it even more than her! It works great and helps my wrinkles go away. My eyes look better than they’ve looked in 20 years.

  2. Regina Larrington

    I’m a flight attendant, therefore I travel very often and it’s hard for me to maintain a skin care routine of any sort. Because of the long hours and time spent in air pressure, my blood circulation is terrible and I have really dark circles under my eyes. Thanks to this device I don’t need to worry about that and put lots of make up on because I can take it with me wherever I travel and use it all the time! This device truly is a lifesaver, it gets rid of my dark circles and I feel like it just helps my overall feeling after a long flight in general. So lucky to have stumbled across this device!

  3. Taylor Warren

    Love this device, it works amazing with my eye cream.

  4. Jullie Tanner

    Absolutely amazing! I use this device all the time! Even when I put a facial mask on (once a week or so), I use this machine and it helps my skin glow even more. It also feels really good on the skin, the heating function is my favorite. This is a must have!

  5. Dina T.

    This device works great and i’m very happy I got it. Only reason for the 4 stars is because the charger cable doesn’t connect to a regular power outlet, you have to connect it to a computer or other device in order to charge. I’m not very tech-savvy so it was a bit difficult for me at first, maybe the company should change that bit to make it more accessible to older people.
    Other than that, the product is amazing and it does help a lot with removing wrinkles.

  6. Eleanor

    Wow! I would never have believed my eyes could like the way they look after using this product for 4 months!!! I’ve always had lots of wrinkles around my eyes and the absolute worst saggy skin right in the corner of both my eyes and thanks to this miraculous device, they now look so much better!!!!
    My husband bought me this when he was on a convention in Florida and it’s probably the best thing he gave me in 30 years of marriage! I use this device every day before I go to sleep and it just works wonders. It’s only been 4 months so there’s probably lots more to see in the future! I am so excited to see what else this device will do to my skin, I just now started using it around my lips as well.

  7. Laury J.

    This device changed my life! I used to spend so much money on eye cream because I could never find the right one for me. Thanks to this product I don’t need to waste my time and money on other things that don’t even work! It’s so easy to use this machine, I do it every single day and the results speak for themselves.

  8. Amy Levi

    I was surprised by how easy it is to use this device! I’ve always avoided using electric things on my skin but this device is definitely something else. Super easy to use and the feeling is great on my skin, the heat is especially pleasant because you can really feel your skin cells being activated. It’s helped me a whole lot with my dark circles and wrinkles and it’s only been about 10 weeks.

  9. Trina J.

    I do office work so am in front of a computer for many hours at a time. This machine helps me calm my eyes at the end of the day and also helps reduce the dark circles under my eyes. I use it all over my face honestly just because it feels amazing and I have noticed a change in my skin, it looks healthier and is glowing a lot more than it used to.

  10. Judy

    Great product and super easy to use. Got one for both my sisters after trying it out myself and we all love it and use it all the time.

  11. Mary F.

    I bought this device for under my eyes to begin with but since I saw a really good result I started using it all over my face, especially around my mouth because I have lots of wrinkles there. It’s helping me get rid of my wrinkles and I LOVE IT! My friend told me that she uses hers when she has a mask on so I tried it too and it felt really good with my skin glowing after. I definitely recommend this product to anyone out there with stubborn wrinkles – it will take them right away!

  12. Danielle G.

    This is a game changer in anything to do with skin care! I’ve been dealing with dark circles under my eyes for years and have never found anything to help me with it. Finally after using this device for a solid month, I can see a noticeable result! I can finally cut back on the amount of concealer and make up that I use because it’s starting to look a whole lot better. I have a very light skin tone so the dark circles are very visible. So happy I finally found something that helps me remove them!

  13. Ella G.

    My friend is aware that I’m not a big fan of topicals or too much makeup for covering up my wrinkles. She recommended that I look into something like this and I can totally see why. I only use it about once every two days, but I started to notice some major changes to my complexion after only a few weeks. On top of that, it’s very soothing and relaxing after a long day at work.

  14. Stacy N.

    I wasn’t sure at first about buying this product but wow was I wrong. I’ve been looking for something that could fix my dark eye circles and was surprised by how well this actually worked. I could tell that it began working about a week or two after I started and now I can’t imagine my skincare routine without it. Highly recommend.

  15. Tom M.

    My wife and I both decided to look for something that could help alleviate skin damage we’ve gotten from working outside most of the day. We both work on a farm and as you can imagine, we’re hitting the age where our skin is starting to take a beating for it. We were surprised to find that this EDD worked wonders and we are happy that we stumbled upon it. We’ve both been using it for the past few months and are very surprised by how much it has reversed our skin damage.

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