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Multiwave +

Multiwave +

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Your lifetime feel-good solution

This beneficial device includes a Calcium Supplementation wavelength of 320 nm which stimulates the secretory system and promotes calcium absorption in your body. This unique feature benefits your skin, reduces acne and bacteria while diminishing mucosal ulcers and skin inflammation.

The Multiwave+ has 7 color cycles, each color targets specific benefits in the body and skin. One treatment goes through all cycles to ensure maximum benefits and life changing results. You can also customize your treatment, choose the length and cycle that you wish, in order to target certain benefits you find more useful for you.

Using light therapy with different wavelengths creates the ideal non-invasive treatment for skin rejuvenating. Not only will you look healthier, your calcium absorption will increase and result in stronger bones.

11 reviews for Multiwave +

  1. Marga Kushner

    I have a lot of discoloration in my whole body because of sun damage and just really bad skin and this device is helping me get rid of it!
    So happy I got this and it’s only been 4 months but I can definitely already see a HUGE difference.

  2. Tara

    I suffer a lot from joint pain and inflammatory skin conditions which I used to take loads of medication to treat. After getting the multiwave plus I slowly got off some of my medication because I just didn’t need it anymore.

  3. Ruby

    I use this machine about 3 times a week all over my body and even my face. I have a lot of sun damage and some ugly scars from surgeries that I had when I was younger. The scars are getting less noticeable and the skin around them is getting lighter and softer so it merges in with my regular skin and the sun damage seems to be disappearing too. It’s only been about 8 months since I got it but it really has been working really well!!

  4. Jean

    I got this machine about a year ago and i’m so happy with how it’s turned out to help my skin. I’ve always had problems with pigmentation all over my body, nothing too serious but it always bothered me especially in the summer time.
    Using the multiwave has been incredible for me because now my whole body is the same skin tone and I don’t need to worry about covering up the discolored areas.

  5. Rita Torez

    My doctor has been giving me calcium supplements for years and one I found out about this device I consulted with him and he said we should try it. It’s now been almost a year and I am finally off the supplement pills!! I just need to use this product 3 times a week all over my body and I feel better than ever. So happy I found this because it also gets rid of my wrinkles.

  6. Pearl Manning

    Amazing device, I use it all the time to improve my skin and it’s working amazing.

  7. Edna Glazer

    Life changing machine!!! I’ve always had a calcium deficiency ever since I remember myself and it cause me a lot of skin issues and hair loss. Thanks to this amazing device my state has improved, my skin looks and feels healthier and my hair root is getting stronger. I’ve only been using this for a few months but already the change is noticeable.

  8. Lisa Johnson

    I purchased this device because it’s supposed to help with calcium absorption and hair and nail growth. I can say for certain after 2 months of using it I see clear results with my nails which are growing stronger and faster and my hair is alot stronger than it used to be. I also see a huge improvement with sun spots on my face.

  9. Jane Teckler

    I’ve always had really slow hair growth and it would always grow really fragile and thin. Using the multiwave plus helped strengthen the root and build up calcium in my body so my hair is slowly getting stronger and thicker!!!! This has definitely changed my life completely and i can’t wait to see the results in more time that I use it, it’s been so wonderful so far for only 9 months.
    Since I do the treatments when it’s over my head and i’m face up, I also noticed a difference in my face. Less wrinkles and also my skin looks healthier and feels really soft and smooth. I should start using it all over my body too!

  10. Victoria Langles

    This machine is just amazing! I got it to help with my excessive acne and it’s worked wonders!!!!!! My skin isn’t as oily anymore and it’s almost completely cleared up. I don’t have to wear tons of make up anymore to try and cover it all up because my skin is finally healing itself from all the years I had really bad breakouts and of course the extra make up didn’t help but I couldn’t stand the way it looked without it. I also had some acne and inflamed skin in my back and thighs and those are gone too!!! ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS DEVICE!

  11. Kathy L.

    When I purchased this device they told me it helps with calcium in the body, and I did had some problems with my nails and hair, it was so weak.
    I must say this function convinced me.
    I’m using this machine over 2 month now and I can see my nails are finally growing!!!
    My hair is less thin, and besides this the discoloration I have in my face is starting to really

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