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Non-surgical light therapy body treatment

Glamour New York has developed a non-surgical full body device that treats scar appearance, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. Using 6 different color cycles and wavelengths, this anti-aging device has a variety of benefits backed by science.

Using LED light technology first researched and developed by NASA, this device is meant for low-level light therapy which helps the body obtain therapeutic benefits without side effects.

The process of light therapy is all natural and non-invasive while certain light waves trigger different reactions within the body. Depending upon the energy being applied, the reactions can scope from repairing and replenishing damaged skin cells to the stimulation of collagen production. This device incorporates all this technology into one treatment that helps you reduce muscle and joint pain while reviving your skin throughout the body.

23 reviews for Multiwave

  1. Virginia Paulsen

    I got this device as a gift and it’s changed my life. In only 4 months my sun spots have almost vanished and my wrinkles in my arm are almost gone too! I use it all the time all over my body and it’s just incredible.

  2. Georgia Smith

    Great product!! It helps a lot with my skin all over the body, the only problem is that i’m over weight so it’s too small to work on my stomach.

  3. Gennevive

    I’ve had infrared treatments before, especially on my back because I have a lot of sun damage. They never really worked, I guess because the color setting wasn’t right so it just wasn’t doing what I needed it to be doing.
    Thanks to the multiwave machine I can decide what color setting I want and it actually helps a whole lot more!!! I use it for the sun damage and also on my stretch marks which are finally starting to go away.

  4. Francis Guttman

    I love this machine! I practically use it all over, even on my face. It does the work I can tell you. I see less cellulite on my hips and less stretch marks for sure. I only have it for about 5 months and it’s worth every penny.

  5. Harriet Lawfer

    This device is great and really easy to use, my only problem with it is that it’s too small for my stomach area. I use it on my legs, arms and face to get rid of sun damage, wrinkles and inflammation that I have around my ankles from standing up all day at work. Hopefully I’ll get to lose some weight and then be able to use it on my stomach too.

  6. Tina

    Works great! I use it all over my body all the time. Only thing is there was a mistake in my delivery because I live overseas so it took a while to get to me.

  7. Sofia

    It it absolutely a dream come true!! , The sun spots that I had reduced by half !!!
    And my skin feels glowing and radiant then ever 🙂
    Thanks to this amazing machine best purchase ever !!!

  8. Katherin

    My life has changed completely since I got this device!! I have a lot of sun damage from years of working outside and doing daily treatments with the multiwave has helped a whole lot in reducing them. I feel my skin is a lot softer and lighter than it used to be and most of the sunspots are disappearing. I’ve only been using it for about a year and the difference is extremely noticeable.

  9. Katie

    Love this machine!! I use it all the time, especially on my thighs and my butt because I have a lot of stretch marks there and it helps remove them. It’s super easy to use!

  10. Yemene

    Great device for skin improvement! I’ve tried many things but this seems to work better and faster.

  11. Marge Kellman

    Love this machine!!! I travel a lot so I always had trouble with keeping a consistent skin care regime but finally I have something I can carry with me almost everywhere. Super convenient and the results truly speak for themselves. My stretch marks are almost completely gone and my skin looks and feels healthier than ever before. So happy I have this!

  12. Amanda Priste

    Love using this machine!! I do treatments about 5 times a week because I just had my baby 4 months ago and it’s helping me get rid of all the stretch marks! It’s definitely helping me return to my old body without expensive surgery or other unnatural ways.

  13. Nicole

    I have a big scar on my back from a surgery and I still experience some tenderness and pain around it every now and then. Ever since I got this device 3 months ago, my scar has started to look better and I have less pain and discomfort in my back. I use it mostly on that area up to 3 times a week and every other session I use it on my face to reduce wrinkles and sun spots. This device is so versatile with everything that it does and all it’s benefits! So happy I got it and I can’t wait to see how good the scar will look after more treatments.

  14. Katrina Polinedrio

    I’ve struggled with oily skin for years and haven’t found a good solution for it until now. I told my husband about this little device and we were both extremely curious to try it out so we bought one. I can say with confidence that it has worked wonders to make my shoulders and face less oily and much more vibrant and he has seen likewise results. I’m really happy with this purchase and can’t recommend it enough to anyone else interested in this magical device!

  15. Kasey D.

    I used to h ave a staph infection that left a bad residual scar on my shoulder and lower neck. I’ve always been so self-concious of it and I couldn’t find anything that was making it look like my natural skin tone. I was so happy to learn about this device and what LED light therapy entails so I decided to give it a try. I’m so happy that I did because my scar is almost completely gone now after 3 months of use! I highly recommmend the multiwave to anyone who is curious about LED therapy.

  16. Hillary J.

    I love this machine, I practically use it all over, even on my face.
    It does the work I can tell you.
    I see less cellulite on my hips, and less stretch marks for sure.
    I only have it for 5 months.
    Worth it.

  17. Alyssa Bond

    I’ve heard about this new LED technology before and thought I would give it a try. I work in a restaurant and often get burn scars on my arms from hot grease and other skin-related issues. I tried aloe and topical creams for trying to heal these scars but nothing has worked very quickly or efficiently. That’s until I tried this. It’s so wild that after a few treatments, this machine really started to show results! Most of my scars are healed and my forearms look so much better now. I am so glad I decided to try it out and would definitely buy it again.

  18. Michelle Ranswick

    I use this device all over, even on my face! I absolutely love the result is gives to my skin, making it feel so much nicer, smoother, cleaner and tighter. The yellow mode is my favorite because I have a lot of scars on my stomach from different surgeries and it helps reduce the scar tissue and bumps on the skin. Definitely recommend this device to anyone and everyone!

  19. Henley J.

    This machine is a lifesaver! i had a really bad outbreak of psoriasis and luckily I had already gotten his machine for a different skin related issue. I just used the blue light for a few days straight and the outbreak went away! It’s crazy the effect that it has on the body just by being under a machine with lights in it.

  20. Rebecca s.

    Decided to give this a try for my fine lines and wrinkles. I enjoy my treatments so much! I just put on the eyewear and set the timer and just let it do its magic. My husband has seen the difference and now we take turns using it! We each have our different favorite color treatments so it’s great that we can customize.

  21. Ronda D.

    I work outdoors during most of the year and one of my girlfriends uses this machine and recommended it. I tried it and so far I absolutely love it! I use it mostly for collagen production to get rid of my wrinkles and it gives me smooth skin and helps take care of all my sun damage. I always worry about my skin since I’m exposed to the sun non stop but thanks to this machine it’s a whole lot easier to take care of.

  22. Cathy M.

    I can’t even begin to say how happy I am with this device. I ordered one for my daughter as a gift. Her acne and scars were affecting her and it’s only been a few weeks and now her skin has improved. Less scarring and acne, it’s so noticeable. Her smile has returned and she loves her zen time while doing her treatments. I just ordered one for myself and can’t wait to see results on my own face!

  23. Madelaine N.

    This is incredible! I really was shocked when my blemishes and oily skin started to dissipate after a couple of months of using it. It’s actually fairly portable and I take it with me when I’m traveling for work. Not only does it help my acne and oily skin, but it’s very soothing after a long day at work and I’m in the hotel. I’ve been using it for a while now and my complexion looks much clearer like it was when I was in my 20s.

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