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PORTABLE UV-C Sterilizer

PORTABLE UV-C Sterilizer

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Keeping your surroundings clean and sanitized

This device uses UV-C light which targets the DNA of micro bacteria in order to complete a successful disinfecting process. If you’re looking for a powerful tool that eliminates bacteria, look no further. Our portable device is easy to use and carry around wherever you go and will keep you safe from many viruses and harmful toxins.

Proven effective against COVID-19, our UV-C Sterilizer is the ideal solution for a safe and cautious environment and also minimizes environmental waste such as wipes or sanitizing liquids.

7 reviews for PORTABLE UV-C Sterilizer

  1. Gina Kurtz

    Super easy to use and carry everywhere. Love it.

  2. Wilma

    This is the most useful thing I have in my house. I use it all the time, wherever I go! Only wish I could use it on my skin too!

  3. Karen Tomko

    This device doesn’t stop surprising me. Every time I use it i’m in awe because of how easy and effective it is.
    I think every household should have at least one.

  4. Florence Eidelman

    I always keep this close to me, wherever I go. Super easy to use and it helps me feel safe, especially now during the pandemic.

  5. Delilah

    I use it all around my house and wherever I go.
    Great purchase and super easy to use.

  6. Bertha

    I’m a 74 year old woman and ever since the pandemic hit i’ve been scared to leave my house and go places I don’t know because I can’t risk my health. My daughter got me this device and it’s been my lifeline ever since. I never leave the house without it because it helps me feel safe in a dangerous environment, knowing that I can sanitize almost everything around me in just 5 seconds.

  7. Betty Leventhal

    Being the germaphobe that I am, this device sure is the perfect solution for me. I take it around with me everywhere I go and it’s really easy to use. I also like that it helps the environment, the amount of cleaning wipes I used before this device was absolutely ridiculous! So happy that I have this in my life.

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