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Revolutionary +

Revolutionary +

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3 reviews for Revolutionary +

  1. Trish McCaffrey

    I’m a big LED machine user and this is by far the absolute best device i’ve seen. My husband got it for us as an anniversary gift and it’s done absolute wonders! I like to plug my music in as i’m getting ready for a treatment, it helps me relax even more. Sometimes I need to stop myself from getting in it twice in one day! I just love this device, the way it makes me feel and how comfortable it is. My husband knows me well if he got this for me although he uses it almost as much as I do!

  2. Jannis Kutler

    WOW! This sauna is everything i’ve ever dreamed of!!!! So convenient to have something like this at home, I used to spend thousands on spas and memberships and now I get to have it at home without needing to get in the car and drive half the way through town. This machine is such a great addition to my house. I do a lot of steam therapy because it helps my detox my body and I just feel so good after everytime I do it. Having the infrared lights in it and part of the treatment is just a major plus because it’s really doing wonders for my skin. It’s tightening up my skin and also helping all the pigmentation I have all over after spending so many years in the sun. I love love love this machine and am just so happy to have gotten it. It really did change my life for the better and I keep boasting about it to anyone who would listen! Thanks so much for this amazing device.

  3. Carrie N.

    Perfect device, fits right into my bathroom and I use it all the time. Super convenient to use and easy to customize the treatments. I use the red light mostly because it helps with all my wrinkles.

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