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Revolutionary – Limited Edition

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Revolutionary – Limited Edition

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Changing your view on at-home skin care

This pod deserves its groundbreaking name since it revolutionizes the concept of at-home skin care. The Revolutionary pod incorporates heated steam and LED light therapy to create the most relaxing and beneficial treatment device designed with care for your needs and comfort.

Placing your body in a convenient sitting position, the Revolutionary releases heated steam, with the temperature you choose, while going through all 7 color cycles of the light therapy feature. The heat opens up your pores to improve the absorption of the light wavelengths and therefore increases the benefits of the therapy. Cleaning your pores out from toxins and bacteria is the main reason to use the steam feature however we highly recommend it for relaxing reasons and clearing your head from stressful thoughts.

Detoxing and increasing your blood circulation are two important ingredients in the anti-aging process that the Revolutionary delivers. Along with improved sleeping habits and pain reduction, this pod will get you feeling and looking better than ever!

10 reviews for Revolutionary – Limited Edition

  1. Angie Thorton

    This product is absolutely amazing and I am very happy with the results I get from using it! The amount of dirty water that drains out of it is unbelievable and I can literally see all the dirt that comes out of my body thanks to the steam. I feel cleansed and relaxed when I finish a session and my skin feel amazing.

  2. Tasha Wamberg

    Getting my daily relaxation has become so easy since I have this. I spend my whole day waiting to get home and treat myself to a calming sauna session. Not only does it help to clear my thoughts, it detoxes me and makes my skin look and feel so much better. Love it!

  3. Christina

    Love this machine! I got it as a birthday gift from my husband because he knows how much I love saunas and now I can finally do a session at home! Super convenient and easy to operate, it’s honestly the best gift i’ve ever gotten.

  4. Barbara

    I had to write here because I had a really extraordinary experience,
    Everyone who knows me can tell I am dealing with back pain for years ,so I had this guy telling me about the steam sauna and the healing benefits of it.
    I thought I can go to my country club sauna and use it,but this unbelievable year some simple things are impossible.
    So I thought I should try it since I have been trying everything.
    From the beginning ,everything was great,the service team came to install the sauna was very professional and with a lot of knowledge,and besides it is very easy to maintain,easier than the sauna I used to go to..
    It’s been 6 months since I purchased this wonder and oh I can tell my back feels like someone else’s back.
    So I really wanna thank all,this is just great.
    Barbara . W.

  5. Jessica

    I used to pay a fortune for a spa near my house and I always dreaded going there because I just didn’t like the atmosphere there. I’m so happy and relieved I found this product because now I can just go to my own spa at home whenever I want and get way more results than I ever got before! I detox 4 times a week and the gunk that comes out is unbelievable (trust me, I didn’t think I was that dirty!) and my skin is getting tighter and smoother. I recommend this amazing machine to every person who likes to go to spas and saunas!

  6. Tessa Williams

    Can’t stop using this. Ever since I got it as a birthday present for myself 5 months ago I can hardly go a day without it!
    Super happy about this amazing purchase and can’t imagine my life without it.

  7. Jilly

    My husband got me this AMAZING gift and I can’t stop using it since!
    Absolutely love it!!!!

  8. Galina

    This device has changed my life completely. I used to go to very pricy spa treatments about once a week and it was always a great experience but nothing beats having one at home! I love how easy it is to use. The infrared lights are an extra perk that I didn’t have at my old spa and I feel that they really do make a big difference. I lost about 10 pounds in the first two months that I was using the sauna and I wasn’t even dieting or anything! My metabolism is boosted and my skin feels a lot smoother.

  9. Nancy Letterman

    If you’re looking for something to treat yourself to – look no further. I’m in my late 50’s and am a total wellness freak. I’ve always known heat steaming and saunas are good for you but I never wanted to go to a place with more people because I just get grossed out by it and feel it isn’t sanitary. FINALLY I found this machine and decided to give it a try. I got it installed within 2 weeks of my purchase (super fast) and it fit right in my bathroom! The installation guys were super helpful and nice, taught me how to use it and all and it’s really easy (i’m a total technophobe and am bad with using devices).
    Long story short, I use the pod about 4 times a week and each time I use it I feel more refreshed, younger, healthier and it even helps my stress management! I can’t believe how long it took me to find something like this but i’m just so happy that I did.

  10. Susan Forman

    My favorite thing about this sauna pod is that it’s super relaxing. I have a very stressful job and lifestyle that rarely allows me to calm down. Knowing that at the end of the day I can just sit back and relax for half an hour while also repairing my skin is definitely my silver lining. Not only is my skin tighter and smoother, I’ve lost 8 pounds after having it for only 3 months!!! I guess the steam really helps my metabolism speed up. I strongly recommend this product to every stressful individual out there, it will do wonders to your body and mind, trust me.

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